Lawn Maintenance

A consistently well maintained lawn at your home or workplace says a lot about you, and your customers will take notice. The professional lawn mowing crews will perform regularly scheduled mowing services, leaving the property clean, and the service complete. Our team will mow all lawn surfaces, trim all edges, and clean debris off of all surfaces. We treat each cut like it is on our own property. It is our goal to not only retain our relationship with our customers, but to earn the business of your neighbors - and we do that with tremendous service.

We go as far as to check the air pressure on the tires of each of our lawn mowers every morning to insure that each mower deck cuts at a perfectly level and consistent height. Mower blades are also sharpened and replaced on every mower DAILY to insure that the grass in your yard is be cut as crisp and as clean as possible. This not only makes the lawn look better after it has been cut, but it keeps the lawn healthy as dull blades tear the grass instead of cutting it leaving the lawn acceptable to disease and bugs.

Our crews are on the road constantly, and you might see our trucks and mowers at local:

  • Residential Homes, Apartment and Condominiums
  • Business Parks
  • Medical Offices
  • Commercial Developments
  • Multi-Unit Rental Properties
  • Industrial Parks
  • Home Owners Associations / HOA's
  • Senior Apartment Communities & Housing
  • ... and anything else with a lawn!

Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

Our lawn maintenance teams are on the road almost every day, taking care of homes, complexes, business parks and more in and around Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Orchard Park, Lewiston, NT, Tonawanda, Wheatfield and Lancaster.

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